5 unique food stalls that open at midnight)

How to Spend a Sleepless Night in Hanoi?

(5 unique food stalls that open at midnight)

If you are having insomnia or jet lag and it makes you cannot sleep or you just simply don’t want to sleep to enjoy every single minute of your trip so we highly recommend experiencing Hanoi late-night cuisine. When all the street lights and restaurants are shut down, there are still plenty of street vendors who are ready to fill your empty stomach. For us, when you enjoy the food, not only its taste and quality matter but also the place where you eat it and here is the list of amazing places that will probably save you from eating instant noodles in the middle of the night and give you an unforgettable memory.

  1. Fried fish vermicelli noodles soup – Bún cá ngõ Hồng Phúc

Bún Cá ngõ Hồng Phúc it’s our favourite dish that we are always willing to recommend to our guests whenever they want to experience late-night cuisine in Hanoi. This place is not only famous for its flavor of Bún Cá but also for the special opening hours: Overnight!. The more late it is, the more crowded the place is and the guests are mostly old quarter residents, workers doing night shift or those who go out late. A bowl of Bún Cá consists of rice noodles, fried fish cake, sliced fried fish fillets with dill and celery altogether dipped in slightly sweet and sour broth made from fish bones and tomatoes.

Opening hours: 24/24

Address: 10 Hồng Phúc, Nguyễn Trung Trực, Ba Đình, Hà Nội

Pricing: 25.000đ~50.000đ

  1.  Phở Gánh

Phở Gánh is a small stall located near the intersection of Hàng Chiếu and Hàng Đường street and it has been opened for a long time ago in the Old Quarter. Unlike other Phở restaurants, Phở Gánh has its own authentic recipe and it is only open at 3am which makes it special. It’s just a simple Phở stall with no high chairs or tables or even a sign, and yet, people still queue just to have a bowl of Phở there. This place is not only offering you good food but also the cultural cuisine that reminds us of Hanoi hundred years ago. They specialize in Beef Phở and the Phở with stewed beef is highly recommended because of the soft and distinct flavour of the beef.

Opening hours: 3AM-7:30AM

Price: 55.000đ

Address: Near the intersection of Hàng Chiếu str and Hàng Đường str.

  1. Drifter’s banh mi – Bánh Mì dân tổ

When most of the people are falling asleep, there’s still a Banh Mi stall opens from 3am to 6am with a long queue of people. “Bánh mì dân tổ” means Drifter’s Banh Mi it has this name because the Banh Mi stall used to specialize in serving the youth hanging out at late night and they are considered as racers because they always drive very fast on the street. Gradually, everybody knows about this unique Banh Mi stall because of its special recipe with different types of ingredients like pate, scrambled egg, chinese sausage, beef jerky etc are mixed and fried together.

Opening hours: 3AM-8AM

Price: 40.000đ

Address: Near the intersection of Hàng Chiếu str and Hàng Đường str.

  1. Pho Nguyet

Phở Gà Nguyệt is considered as one of the most popular restaurants in the old quarter and if you are a huge fan of Phở, you definitely need to try this mouth-watering dish. You have two ways to eat Phở Gà: With the broth or without the broth (Phở Trộn) and you can choose different parts of the chicken to go with the flat rice noodles. First time we got there, we tried the Phở Trộn with the chicken thigh and we were amazed by the tender and delicious chicken thigh with roasted peanuts, deep fried shallots and herbs. This combination creates the most authentic and tasty Phở Gà that you cannot resist the allure of its.

Opening hour: 6AM-10AM & 6PM-2AM

Price: 35.000đ ~ 50.000đ

Address: 5b Phủ Doãn, Hàng Trống, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội

  1.  Chicken stew with herb Tống Duy Tân

Tong Duy Tan street can be called the Food Street and there are a lot of cafes and food stalls on the both sides of the street. This is the unique food street that is open 24/7, you can enjoy the Vietnamese cuisine like fried rice with beef, chicken stew with herbs( highly recommended), noodles etc. Especially, after eating you can relax and spend rest of the day at Xofa café which has amazing architecture, interior of france and the cozy atmosphere.

Opening hour: 24/24

Price: 75.000đ ~ 150.000đ

Address: Tống Duy Tân street