7 Best Beach Destinations in Vietnam

Let’s take a look at the best beaches in Vietnam to get you going.

7 Best beach destinations in Vietnam


When you are asked about Vietnam, the images of such majestic mountains, marvelous terraced fields or the UNESCO listed Ha Long Bay will definitely appear in your mind. If you walk through the brochures of travel agencies, the beaches of Vietnam are unlikely to be featured. So let’s take a look at the best beaches in Vietnam to get you going.


1, Ly Son ( Quang Ngai Province )

Ly Son island is not only called “the kingdom of garlic” but also “the gem island”. The island’s claim to fame is the beauty of colorful coral reefs, crystal-clear seas and its pristine beaches that you cannot resist. Many travelholics have been talking about this island as one of the most attractive destinations in Vietnam. If you get to the island for the first time, you will definitely be amazed of much more things than the beaches. Ly Son has 2 seasons: wet season (Sep – Feb) and dry season (Mar-Aug) and the ideal time to visit Ly Son is from June to September when the weather is nice and sunny.




2, Phu Quy (Binh Thuan province)  A rising star among islands in Vietnam

Phu Quy is a small island located about 120km away from Phan Thiet City and my first impression about this island is uncrowded beaches with almost no touch of professional tours. Besides the beautiful beaches, this island has numerous tourist attractions such as: Cao cát mountain with a vista of the whole island, territory flag tower, Phu Quy Lighthouse and the most interesting part is: THE SEAFOOD IS SO CHEAP!. That sounds so cool right? What are you waiting for? Let’s make a plan to go to this island immediately. The best time to visit is from December to June, when seas are generally calm and last but not least, as the island Is still under control by the military, foreign travellers must have a permit to visit Phu Quy island so don’t forget your Passport!.



Cao Cat mountain


3, Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc island – traveler’s paradise is the biggest island of Vietnam which has 20 different beaches are waiting for you to discover. Bai Sao emerged among the beaches with its untouched beauty, crystal-clear water and white sandy shore. Besides, you can also visit other beaches such as: Bai Dai, Bai Khem, Ong Lang etc, personally me, they are all notable. According to our experience, the best time to pay a visit to Phu Quoc is in the dry season – From the end of October to March.




4, Con Dao

Con Dao Islands are regarded as the most mysterious islands on the planet which owns the most pristine and spectacular nature in Vietnam. Con Dao attracts tourists by its wild and beautiful beaches and other recreational activities such as exploring the island with a motorbike, diving, hiking in the national park or visiting Con Dao prison and other historical sites.




5, Quy Nhon:

When coming to Ky Co beach, you will definitely immerse yourself in its magnificent beauty This is absolutely the best choice to experience the wild nature, wonderful beaches with your family because you can easily get there by both seaway or by road from Quy Nhon city (I highly recommend you guys to try the seafood in this city because is very tasty and cheap!). Ky Co is extremely spectacular with jade blue water, rocky cliffs of various shapes. Imagine feeling on the rocks, listening to the clapping waves, watching the birds fly around swiftly, that will be the best feeling ever.




6, Nha Trang

Nha Trang is a coastal city and capital of Khánh Hòa Province, on the South Central Coast. Whether you are staying at a hostel or a five-star in the tourist centre, the ocean is always less than a 15-minute walk away and all beaches in Nha Trang are free to the public. Nha Trang Beach is the star attraction, with clean white sand, blue waters and swaying palms. If you have a plan to go to Vietnam, make sure to add Nha Trang to your list if you are interested in experiencing a classic beach holiday


7, Da Nang

One of the most prestigious magazines of America: Forbes has chosen My Khe beach of Da Nang city as one of the six most attractive beaches on Earth. In other words, My Khe completely meets the required standards of Forbes such as: Easy to reach the beach, the beach is free for all, the long, sandy shore with perfect sunlight and waves which is ideal for outdoor sports and most importantly, safety. If you are seeking for relaxation, you will definitely love lying on the lounge chair and just enjoy your cocktail at the world’s best beach.