4 Markets You Should Absolutely Visit in Hanoi

A great way to explore a country and experience the local daily life of a city is to visit its local markets. Below we give you four options – each with their own unique traits – which will allow you to see a different side to Hanoi…


Quang Ba Flower Market




If you are an early riser with an appreciation for beautiful mornings, then the Quang Ba Flower Market should absolutely be on your list of places to visit. Located in Hanoi’s Tay Ho (West Lake) district, the market is about a 25-minute drive north of the Old Quarter. Laden with freshly cut flowers, you will be able to immerse yourself in local living as you soak in the glorious natural fragrances. Although when we say early, we do mean early – Quang Ba market is liveliest between 2am and 4am (we’re not kidding!) and will fizzle out by sunrise. Be sure to head along early for the brightest blooms.


Items on sale:

Freshly cut flowers from around the world 

Perfect for:

Nature lovers.


At the Quang Ba Market, you do not need to choose between colour and fragrance. Be the early bird and catch this worm to both see and smell the most beautiful flowers in Hanoi.


Trip Advisor User Comment:

Vietnamese sure love their flowers & there’s no shortage of arrangements here all being made through the early hours of the morning. A great and unusual side of Hanoi. Worth the early get up as so fragrant & amazing to see.

Annette, Australia


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Hanoi Weekend Night Market




Running through the Old Quarter, the famous Hanoi Night Market begins at Hang Dao Street and stretches north to the edge of Dong Xuan Market. The area covered between these points is beautifully lit up with decorative lights, under which you will find crowds of tourists and locals alike who barter for the goods on offer. You may also be lucky enough to come across one of the many cultural performances offered, which often feature locals wearing traditional costumes and playing both Vietnamese and classic music. As the name suggests, the market is only open at the weekend so schedule your visit between Friday – Sunday, 7pm-11pm. 


Items on sale:

You will find a range of goods from food and fashion to ceramics and souvenirs. 

Perfect for:

Finding a bargain


If you are looking for the chance to test your haggling skills, this is definitely the market for you. Be sure to visit this busy and vibrant hotspot for an electric atmosphere and some competitive bargaining. 


Trip Advisor User Comment:

Amazing to see so many people having so much fun. I have never seen a city have so much fun with itself. Dancing, playing, fire eaters all sorts. Families, couples and everyone just enjoying themselves, great to see.

Safemach, Shanghai


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Dong Xuan Market




Dating back to 1889, the Dong Xuan Market occupies a multi-storey building on the northern edge of Hanoi Old Quarter. This is the largest indoor market in Hanoi – as you progress up the floors, you are bound to be impressed with the variety of goods you come across.. Our top tip? Bring your appetite – you’ll definitely want to treat your taste buds at the dining area with all the affordable, delicious Vietnamese cuisine on offer.


Items on sale:

Everything from electronics and home appliances to fashion and food. 

Perfect for:

Hidden gem hunters


If you like to pride yourself on finding hidden gems, be sure and visit Dong Xuan Market for its sheer scale and abundance of options. Spend some time wandering through the many vendors until you find the perfect memento for your trip.


Trip Advisor User Comment:

Definitely visit it and allocate 1-2 hours for some great photo opportunities. Make sure to see the wet/dry market stalls on the outside of it. And make sure to go inside both buildings and go to all floors. The chaos and color is great!

Joe, San Francisco


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Banana Market, Red Riverbank




Vietnam has some famous floating markets in the South, but Hanoi is home to a lesser-known gem right in the centre which you should seek out. Next to Red River, on Ham Tu Quan street, there are lots of boats filled with the most delicious bananas. It is worth knowing that to find your way there, you have to pass by a restaurant’s parking area. It is tricky but worth it as you will have found a unique spot scarcely known by other tourists.


Items on sale: 

You guessed it – bananas.

Perfect for:

Getting off the tourist trail


If you are looking for a true adventure which will rarely be found on any tourist’s agenda, then this is your market. Also, to state the obvious, if you are bananas about bananas then this trip is a must. You should also check out the banana plantation on an island on the Red River, which can be accessed via steps in the middle of Long Bien Bridge. With a jungle feel, it offers a quiet change to the busy streets of Hanoi.


User Comment:

If you’re staying in Hanoi for a couple of days, we can strongly recommend you this little trip – there’s little to none tourists there, it’s an authentic experience.

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